Monday, June 1, 2009

Sky Mall

Sky Mall has some amazing finds. See plzkthxbai. I've found some thought provoking products while perusing this pleasant magazine.
Is this Sleeping Beauty? Why is this woman sleeping with a rose? Is that safe?

Why is the Mom out the window and down the ladder before her kids if her house is on fire?

2 comments: said...

LOL - if money was no object - i would buy everything out of skymall. Love the small swim pool for 20 Grand that creates small waves and of course the best steam cleaners on the market. Billy Mays missed out on the SkyMall market.

Osha Fuangkasae said...

the woman left the house first in order to help her daughter traverse the ladder. sky mall wants to be consistent with instructions like: "put on your oxygen mask before helping others".

also, i created a similar blog entitled "hate your hair, hope you lose". it's about things that are not interesting or funny in any way. plus everything's in negative colors, and i only cover products sold in ground malls.